Our podiatry service provides assessment and treatment for foot, ankle and lower limb disorders, with a focus on high risk foot conditions such as diabetic foot ulceration, complex foot infections and poor circulation.

Our services

  • Assessment and treatment of high risk foot conditions for you when you are in hospital and after your hospital stay to ensure appropriate discharge planning
  • Education and planning while you are in hospital, in preparation for discharge and as an outpatient
  • Collaborating with the multidisciplinary team particularly for patients with other medical conditions including diabetes, infectious diseases, vascular, orthopaedics, oncology and mental health

Multidisciplinary Complex Foot Service

Our Multidisciplinary Complex Foot Service provides assessment, management and coordination of care for acute or chronic foot problems.

The service combines diabetes physicians, infection specialists, podiatry and wound management. The multidisciplinary team approach reduces the likelihood of amputation such as diabetic foot ulceration, poor circulation and severe infection.

Referrals to this team are made internally, via the Emergency Department or on discharge from tertiary hospital services.

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