For general practitioners

We work closely with a wide range of health professionals, including general practitioners (GPs), allied health practitioners, nurses and medical specialists, to provide comprehensive care for our patients.

GP hotlines

The following numbers are for GPs only wanting to quickly contact the hospital about a patient:

  • GP Priority Hotline (all queries): (08) 9462 4222
  • GP Private Admission Hotline (streamlines private admissions): (08) 9462 4444
  • Emergency Department's Physician in Charge (EPIC Hotline): (08) 9462 4679

Find a specialist

Please see our Find a Doctor search.

GP education

We host regular Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) accredited professional development sessions and Emergency Department (ED) information sessions to help keep you up-to-date with the latest medical and surgical information.

For more information, email

Upcoming GP events

Please check back soon for upcoming events

GP referrals

All standard GP referrals should be sent directly to WA Health's Central Referral Service.

Fax: 1300 365 056
Post: Central Referral Service, PO Box 3462, Midland, WA, 6056 

Other hospitals

For referrals from other hospitals, please complete the appropriate form below.

Outpatient services

Outpatient services have separate referral pathways, including alied health and general outpatients, Midland Physician Service and orthopaedics.


Tel: (08) 9462 4293
Fax: (08) 9462 4085
Post: PO Box 268, Midland WA, 6936