Our hospital offers a range of services and facilities for patients and visitors.


Due to state safety restrictions, information on this page may be subject to change. Please see our COVID-19 information for the latest details and how you may be affected.

People in courtyard

We have nine internal courtyards which you and your visitors can use to access fresh air, natural light and spend some time away from your hospital bed.

Our courtyards and large windows provide a source of natural light in your room, 80 per cent of which are single occupancy offering you privacy and reduced risk of exposure to infection.

We also have a children’s playground inspired by Midland’s railway heritage which offers a relaxing space for you and your family (note: may be closed due to COVID restrictions).

A range of facilities are available for the exclusive use of our patients including a rehabilitation gym, physiotherapy gym and hydrotherapy pool.

Patients and visitors can access food and drinks from our Cafe, Espresso Bar and vending machines in the main foyer.

Cafe and Espresso Bar

Our Cafe and Espresso Bar have a range of food and beverage options available for purchase.

The Cafe is located at the hospital’s front entrance on the ground floor and offers a variety of breakfast, lunch and evening meals such as sandwiches, pizzas and sushi. It features an indoor dining area (note: COVID restrictions may apply). Food and beverages can be taken away.

Our Espresso Bar provides a quick option to purchase coffee, tea or a snack. It is located at the front of the hospital near the main entrance on the ground floor. All food and beverages can be taken away.

Contact us

  • Tel: 08 9462 5555
  • Location: Ground floor

Cafe hours

  • 7.00am to 7.30pm Monday to Friday
  • 7.30am to 6.30pm weekends and public holidays

Espresso Bar hours

  • 8.00 am to 2.00pm Monday to Friday


Staying in touch with loved ones isn’t limited to visiting hours with our hospital WiFi. Both patients and visitors can enjoy free internet access.

To access the hospital WiFi:

  • connect to the “Guest” wireless network
  • enter your details and accept terms and conditions
  • click the “Hotspot Login” button.