Mental health

Our 56-bed Mental Health Unit provides a multidisciplinary service to people who need mental health care.

The three wards on our unit include:

  • 25-bed adult mental health ward
  • 16-bed older adult mental health ward
  • 15-bed secure ward

Our purpose-built unit provides a safe and supportive environment which includes natural light in all bedrooms, four courtyards, a gymnasium and art therapy rooms.

We provide multidisciplinary, individualised care if you need acute support.

We also have strong links with community mental health services, other primary health care providers and social services to ensure you receive ongoing care after leaving hospital. Our older adult care includes a discharge follow up service to ensure you are coping back in the community.


You can be referred to the unit by community mental health services or other medical specialists, or by self-presenting at the Emergency Department for review by our mental health practitioners.

Children and teenagers

Children and teenagers in urgent need of mental health care will receive care in our Emergency Department and then transferred to another hospital for ongoing care in an appropriate environment.

Inpatient services

Our inpatient services include medical consultation, assessment, treatment and diagnosis.

During your stay in hospital you will have a primary nurse who will be responsible for coordinating your care. You can ask your primary nurse, or any other member of the nursing team, about your care.

We have a range of therapeutic activities available which will be discussed with you once you are admitted. You are encouraged to take part in these activities as evidence shows your recovery is aided by participation.


We work closely with you to ensure you can access local community mental health services for ongoing treatment, management and rehabilitation after you are discharged.