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Caregiver of the Month award

At St John of God Midland Public and Private Hospitals we place great focus on recognising and celebrating caregivers who provide a high quality service and contribute to our success as an organisation.

Deborah, Caregiver of the Month at St John of God Midland Public and Private Hospitals, May 2022

We encourage caregivers (employees), patients and visitors to recognise someone they feel has does an amazing job and provided exceptional support.

Our Caregiver of the Month award recognises those who help to bring our Mission and Values to life in the workplace.

Winners receive a celebratory morning or afternoon tea to share with their team, a certificate and a gift voucher as a gesture of thanks for their efforts. 

All Caregiver of the Month winners are eligible for consideration for the annual Caregiver of the Year award. 

Submitting a nomination

Anyone can submit a nomination using the form shown below, this includes caregivers, patients, their families, volunteers and visitors to the hospital. 

All caregivers (employees), excluding the senior executive team, are eligible to be nominated for Caregiver of the Month award. This includes clinical and non-clinical caregivers, volunteers and casuals. 

Nominations should outline how a caregiver contributes to the organisation, such as how they have demonstrated their commitment to their role, go over and above to support others and demonstrates and models the Values of St John of God Health Care on a regular basis. 

Please include as much information as possible to support your nomination. Keep in mind that the selection panel may not know the person you are nominating, so it is important to clearly explain why you feel the caregiver is deserving. 

If you are a caregivers please keep in mind it is important to provide specific examples on how an individual regularly demonstrates their commitment to the Values and Service Ethos.  

If you have any queries on the nomination process, please email [email protected]

Nomination process

All nominations are reviewed by the Caregiver of the Month Selection Panel. This panel consists of managers from across the hospital, Director of Mission Integration and a member of the Human Resources team.

Feedback is sought from the nominee’s line manager prior to the selection panel review.

The Caregiver of the Month selection panel changes annually and is selected by the hospital’s executive team. 

Judging criteria 

The Selection Panel assesses each nomination against the following key selection criteria: 

  • How well does the nominee exemplify the St John of God Health Care Values and Service Ethos?
  • Is the behaviour described in the nomination ‘above and beyond’ the usual requirements of the nominee’s role?
  • Does the behaviour described in the nomination have an impact beyond the nominees immediate work area?

Caregivers remain in consideration for a period of three months from the nomination date.
Upon conclusion of this period, caregiver will receive a certificate to acknowledge their nomination.

Example nominations 

If you are unsure what to say, below are some examples from recent nominations:

“Kate has developed the service into what it is today, an extremely busy and specialised hand therapy service. She goes above and beyond with each and every patient and is passionate about their care and providing the best treatment resulting in a positive outcome. She does not just treat a hand injury, she treats a person who wishes to return to their activity of daily living, work and leisure interests. Kate has developed resources, education and training for staff in this complex area of treatment. The feedback received from patients is glowing of the care and treatment they receive. Kate is such an asset to the services and exceeds excellence in the care she provides to patients and caregivers.” 

“Todd always tries to build rapport with the patients that he deals with in an effort to help the patient in order to reduce aggressive incidents to make the hospital safe for everyone. As an example of how he goes over and above, Todd along with another security caregiver were attempting to de-escalate a patient who appeared to be extremely agitated and was refusing to comply with clinical staff. Todd was able to verbally de-escalate the patient after building rapport through a common interest in AFL after noticing a poster of the AFL team Hawthorn in the patient’s room. The patient then informed Todd that he was frustrated as he didn’t have adequate warm clothing and was very cold on the ward. This resulted in Todd making the decision to go and purchase a Hawthorn jumper with his own money for the patient. Once the jumper was delivered to the patient he was ecstatic and extremely proud of his new clothing item. I believe this act of kindness should be highlighted as it is directly aligned with the hospitals core values of Hospitality and Compassion. Todd’s willingness to go above and beyond on a regular basis has been identified by all team members which has set a great example.”

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