Wound management

Our wound management clinic provides care to inpatients and outpatients who have acute or chronic wounds needing ongoing care and management.

Acute wounds are surgical or trauma wounds which heal in a timely manner such as surgical cuts, skin tears and burns.

A chronic wound does not heal in a timely manner due to underlying medical conditions, or patient or environmental factors and include foot and leg ulcers, malignant wounds and pressure injuries.

Good wound care helps to prevent potential complications such as infections and reduces the effect on your overall wellbeing in the short and long term.

Our service

We provide assessment, advice and management of your wound while you are in hospital. We also offer ongoing outpatient care for your wound once you are discharged.

We provide education to you, your family and your carers to manage and prevent wounds after discharge. This may include information about how often your wound dressing should be changed, how to change your dressing and when to seek further assistance.

Your care is provided in a holistic manner with involvement from medical and allied health practitioners to ensure the best results.

Please note: patients with foot wounds are referred to podiatry.