Our anxiety programs are designed to help you better understand and manage your symptoms of anxiety so you can progress to a more positive state-of-mind.

Caregiver leading group therapy

Anxiety is a normal part of life but when it happens for no obvious reason, if it doesn’t go away, or gets worse over time, it can have a big impact on your enjoyment of life. Our treatment may help you better respond to anxiety and fear.

What is anxiety?

Anxiety comes in many forms and everyone’s experience is personal.

You may have unexplained panic attacks that keep happening, or intense fear of certain situations. For many, social encounters with others can cause anxiety and you can experience excessive anxiety or worry for months.

How anxiety programs can help you

You may be referred for treatment if your anxiety is persistent and interferes with your everyday life.

Our programs give you the tools you need to help you:

  • raise awareness of how you think and act
  • understand the impact of your thoughts and actions on how you feel
  • learn other ways of seeing and reacting to situations
  • practice new behaviour strategies and incorporate these into your lifestyle for your own long-term health and wellbeing.