Our outpatients services offer ongoing care and support after discharge or to help you manage your condition while you continue to live at home or in the community.

Drug and alcohol group based mental health day program

Our drug and alcohol group based mental health day program provides you with a safe and non-judgemental space to explore your recovery journey from addictive substances.

This is achieved by:

  • providing psycho-education about your substance/s of choice and your drug use cycle
  • assisting you to develop emotional regulation and coping skills
  • processing the various hurdles and gifts that characterize your recovery journey.

This program helps better equip you with skills and methods to prevent relapse while also developing your strength and knowledge so you can engage in lifestyle choices that support your ongoing wellbeing.

Who can attend

Our program is available if you:

  • have completed an inpatient admission in Kauri ward and are making the transition from hospital to home
  • continue to work or attend school but need assistance to maintain your recovery goals
  • are engaged in other treatments for psychological/emotional issues (such as treatment for depression or pain management) and need additional assistance for addiction issues.

Enrolment process

A thorough assessment is conducted to evaluate and discuss your compatibility for and expectations of the outpatient program. You will also have a chance to ask any questions about the programs.

The assessment is covered in two sessions:

  • the first session is with a medical practitioner
  • the second session is with a day program therapy coordinator or therapist.

Mental health group based day programs

Our programs provide ongoing treatment and support to you to help address your psychiatric illness. They are designed to develop your inner and outer resources to help you deal with life's changes and difficulties and maximising your potential for a healthy and independent lifestyle.

We take a team approach with psychologists, general and psychiatric nurses, and other allied health professionals working closely with you to develop a therapeutic plan to meet your particular needs.

The programs are designed to:

  • help you transition from hospital to home
  • provide treatment and assistance to help you overcome your difficulties
  • provide crisis information, assessment and counselling
  • maximise your potential for a healthy, independent lifestyle.