A patient may be referred to St John of God Langmore Centre by a GP or treating psychiatrist/specialist for inpatient admissions, day and outreach services or to see a St John of God accredited psychiatrist in the consulting suites.

Please see our referral guide for more information.

Referral Contact Information

Inpatient admissions/day program/outreach program
Tel: 03 9773 7000
Fax: 03 97737055
Email: [email protected]

Consulting suite for psychiatrist appointments
Tel: 03 9773 7200
Fax: 03 9773 7201
Email: [email protected]

Please note: 

The consultant psychiatrists at St John of God Langmore Centre are able to see patients for many conditions but are unable to assist with: 

  • License assessment ie. firearms and motor vehicle 
  • Outpatient treatment for ice addiction (inpatient is available)
  • Appointments for court reports relating to DHS, criminal or civil matters
  • Appointments mandated by community corrections orders, bail conditions or DHHS

The website may assist in locating services for patients with these specialised needs.

Useful links:

Psychiatric emergency contact information:

If you or someone you know requires immediate assistance please call 000, attend your nearest emergency department or contact your local psychiatric triage/crisis team

13 11 14