Unlock more benefits with your private health insurance at Langmore

Did you know your private health insurance unlocks a range of benefits when you choose to be treated at St John of God Langmore Centre?

Unlock the benefits

Choosing to use your private health insurance to become a patient at our private hospital gives you access to:

  • short wait time for care
  • your psychiatrist of choice
  • compassionate private hospital mental health care.

 Unlock more benefits with your private health insurance

Short wait time for care

When you are seeking mental health care, you don’t want to wait for treatment. Our private hospital offers short waiting times for mental health care.

Did you know? If you have basic hospital cover with your health insurer, you can contact your insurer to update your cover to include psychiatric care and you won’t have any waiting periods to access care.

If are looking for ongoing management for your mental health care or are planning a change to your treatment, we also offer you the flexibility to receive care at a time that suits your lifestyle.

Your psychiatrist of choice

Your emotional wellbeing is one of the most important aspects of your health and it is important that you are able to build a relationship and trust with your psychiatrist to get the right care to suit your needs.

As a private hospital patient, you can choose your psychiatrist to suit your needs and preferences.

Our specialists are among the most experienced in Australia and are leaders in their fields. You can find a psychiatrist to suit your needs by searching for one of our leading specialists.

Compassionate private care, close to home

Our private hospital provides comprehensive and holistic mental health care services in a calming and tranquil environment.

Particularly important to our mental health care are our Values of Hospitality, Compassion, Respect, Justice and Excellence that guide our treatments and services for all.

Why choose St John of God Langmore Centre?

When you choose to receive your care at St John of God Langmore Centre, you get access to:

  • a complete range of psychiatric services including inpatient, outpatient day programs and outreach services
  • a range of benefits to help make your stay in hospital as pleasant and as comfortable as possible.