For general practitioners

St John of God Ballarat Hospital recognises the important role that general practitioners play in the continuum of care and we are committed to working in partnership to achieve the best outcomes for our patients.

A speciailist and caregivers on either side of the patient who is lying on the bed

Find a specialist

You can refer your patients to any specialist who works at our hospital. Search our accredited specialists.

GP support services

The hospital has a dedicated caregiver who is responsible for making sure the local community has information and access to the comprehensive range of services at St John of God Ballarat Hospital and can assist with:

  • optimising communication of information relating to services and referral processes for GPs and their patients
  • facilitating information transfers between the hospital, accredited visiting specialists and general practice
  • provide a reliable conduit for receiving feedback on areas for improvement.

We are happy to answer any of your queries relating to the above, or any other queries we may be able to assist with.

Jamie Lovett
Communications and Marketing Officer
Email: [email protected]