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Consumer engagement

St John of God Ballarat Hospital engages and consults with our consumers as part of our governance of the hospital.

Our Partnering with Consumers Committee consists of people who have been a patient of the hospital, or a carer or visitor of a patient of the hospital. The committee provides valuable insight into our organisation through the eyes of people who use our services.

The committee has many roles including:

  • reviewing patient information documents
  • reviewing service areas
  • evaluating patient survey feedback
  • providing input on our hospital strategy.

The committee has influenced many processes within the hospital including introducing a volunteer to assist in day surgery with meals and drinks, reviewing patient information to ensure it is reader friendly, reviewing gym times for users to improve patient confidentiality, and endorsing the installation of hand gel at all lifts.

Joining the Partnering with Consumers Committee

All our committee member positions are filled.

To register an interest in future vacancies, please email: [email protected]