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Community and social outreach

We have a long history of working with and helping people within the community and each year direct a portion of revenue to programs within the community.

St John of God Mental Wellbeing Services

St John of God Mental Wellbeing Services supports people on their personal journey of mental health management and recovery. This no-cost service provides personalised counselling, strategies and solutions to empower you in your everyday life.

St John of God Raphael Services

St John of God Raphael Services provide specialist services to parents and families with young children who experience depression or anxiety during pregnancy and in the first few years following childbirth.

Our services can be accessed from the time of falling pregnant up until the child is four years of age.

Tonga Twinning Program

Since 1992, we have supported an exchange program for nurses from our St John of God Ballarat Hospital and the Kingdom of Tonga’s Vaiola Hospital. During these exchanges, our nurses provide Tongan nurses with role-modelling, mentoring and education.

We also provide practical support and equipment to the Vaiola Hospital.