Day chemotherapy

Our day chemotherapy care is tailored to meet your needs and help you feel supported throughout your treatment. Our care extends beyond looking after your physical health and takes into account your emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

What is chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy is a common cancer treatment provided exclusively or in combination with other anti-cancer drugs. It is often used before or after surgery or radiotherapy to shrink a tumour, or prevent it from spreading further. Other treatments provided may include immunotherapy, targeted therapies and some medical infusions. 

Often anti-cancer therapy is given intravenously, through a tube inserted into a large vein, over a period of time. Our day chemotherapy service is specifically designed to provide anti-cancer therapy in this manner.

Our day chemotherapy services

We offer day chemotherapy services in a relaxed, welcoming environment, including:

  • comfortable recliner-chair seating and beds with privacy screens or curtains if required
  • tea and coffee making facilities
  • magazines and books
  • flat screen televisions
  • WiFi
  • nearby courtyards to sit and enjoy fresh air before or after your treatment.

Multidisciplinary support

Having the right support and people around you can help. Our day chemotherapy service is supported by an extensive multidisciplinary team including:

  • clinical nurse consultants
  • clinical pharmacists
  • social workers
  • allied health care workers including dietitians, occupational therapists and physiotherapists
  • pastoral caregivers
  • volunteer caregivers.

Preparing for chemotherapy 

We advise you of what to expect when your doctor refers you to our day chemotherapy unit. Some things to consider:

  • wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing with sleeves you can pull up above your elbows
  • you are welcome to bring along a family member or friend to keep you company, however we suggest limiting this to one person at a time
  • while we understand arranging childcare can be difficult, we do not encourage you to bring children
  • for the comfort of your fellow patients, we ask that you keep any personal phone calls brief.

We ensure your experience is as relaxed and comfortable as possible by:

  • inviting you to attend a short orientation and education session to help you understand and cope with your cancer treatment, discuss any side effects that may arise and provide you with information on who to contact if you have further questions or concerns
  • providing you with a broad range of educational material
  • booking chemotherapy appointments to coincide with your consultations with your treating doctor where possible
  • providing catering and light refreshments.

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