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Consumer engagement

We understand better health outcomes are achieved when consumers are consulted in aspects of policy and health care decisions.

Consumer engagement session for South East Melbourne hospitals.

Feedback is one of the best ways we can grow as an organisation and ensure our services and care are best meeting the needs of the community. 

Our consumer engagement committees give former patients, their loved ones and carers (consumers) the opportunity to provide ideas and advice learned from their own hospital experience. We value this information and use it to guide future decision-making and service development.

Eligibility for consumer engagement committees

Former patients, their loved ones and carers who have had a direct experience with St John of God Berwick Hospital, St John of God Frankston Rehabilitation Hospital or St John of God Langmore Centre (links to hospitals) are invited to join the consumer engagement committees.


Committee members have the opportunity to feel valued and be part of a group, where their opinions are listened to and appreciated. Their ideas and advice may be used to make improvements to clinical services, facilities, policies and processes. Members can feel a sense of pride in knowing their contribution has helped to benefit the experience of future patients.


Committee membership is on a volunteer basis. Members are required to:

  • Attend a quarterly meeting for 1.5 hours. The location will change each meeting between St John of God Berwick Hospital, St John of God Frankston Rehabilitation Hospital and St John of God Langmore Centre. Meetings can also be held online via Webex.
  • Maintain confidentiality.
  • On occasion, engage in pre-reading prior to meetings.
  • Have had a direct experience with St John of God Berwick Hospital, St John of God Frankston Rehabilitation Hospital or St John of God Langmore Centre (links to hospitals) and be willing to share their ideas, thoughts and experiences openly with the group.

About the consumer engagement committees

The groups meet every three months to review and provide input into:

  • Hospital planning including quality improvement plans, patient safety and quality, strategic and operational plans.
  • Feedback on way-finding, signage and parking, so that patients and visitors can find their way around our hospitals.
  • Reviewing marketing collateral, ensuring it is easy to understand and read.
  • Personal experiences within the hospital and advising on how they are managed, including complaints, patient care and waiting times.

Committee details

There are two committees which seek new members:

Partnering with Consumers Committee

  • Committee members discuss decision making about the care, service delivery, health policies and planning in which the hospitals provide.
  • Meets quarterly for 1.5 hours during business hours.

Patient Safety and Clinical Quality Committee

  • Committee members discuss patient safety procedures to ensure that clinical and quality outcomes are upheld and improved by the hospitals.
  • Meets quarterly for 1.5 hours during business hours.


Committee members participate in discussions, share information, provide recommendations, and present consumer experiences.

Members ensure that all committee deliberations and outcomes are consistent with St John of God Health Care Values and service ethos.


Committee members provide input and recommendations to the hospitals on policies, systems, redevelopments and relevant consumer documents. Confidential and sensitive information may be shared during committee meetings. Members have a responsibility to uphold confidentiality at all times and must agree to refrain from disclosing private information to anyone outside of the group.

We provide other opportunities to provide feedback about our care, service delivery and patient satisfaction, including:

  • Armchair advisor - providing feedback by email about hospitals information and processes. 
  • Focus group member - a one-off focus group to express different experiences as a patient at our hospital. 
  • Committee member - serve on one of our key patient safety and quality committees, which meets throughout the year. 
  • Training and education – discussing various experiences about the patient journey with nurses for their own training and development.

We are seeking applications from willing participants who would like to join one or more of our various committees as a volunteer consumer representative.

To apply please fill in the form below.

Applicants who have been shortlisted will be contacted and an interview arranged.

For more information on the selection criteria, application process, to receive information in a different format or for assistance, please contact:

Consumer Engagement Coordinator, South East Melbourne hospitals.