What to expect

 Hospice Main Reception with Ambulance Officer


You may be referred to our services from palliative care consultancy services at other hospitals, Silver Chain Hospice Care in the community, general practitioners, other specialists and through our outpatient clinic.

We also provide a consultancy service in which a palliative medicine specialist and clinical specialist nurse visit St John of God Murdoch Hospital each day to review patients who may benefit from access to our hospice service. They can provide specialist services or advice within the hospital setting or arrange transfer to our hospice for appropriate patients.

Once you arrive at the hospice, we make you comfortable in your room and complete the admission processes in your room and your family or carer is invited to be involved.

Once you are admitted, you will be reviewed by the medical team within 30 minutes of arrival to ensure we have a clear understanding of your care needs.


When you are discharged from your stay with us, you will be referred to Silver Chain for follow up care in your home. This allows for smooth transition of care from hospice to home and facilitates easy referral in case you need to be re-admitted.

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct, supports our Mission, Vision and Values of St John of God Health Care and defines the standards of behaviour, which are expected from all who are employed or are associated with our organisation. This includes all caregivers (employees), agency staff, volunteers, contractors, vendors and anyone else who conducts business for, or on behalf of, St John of God Health Care.