Personality disorders

We all have changing moods and act on impulse occasionally. For some people, this happens continually and to a much greater degree, making it difficult to go about everyday activities. Our programs support and help you understand and manage your changing moods and impulses.

St John of God Health Care personality disorders 

What is a personality disorder?

A personality disorder, also known as borderline personality disorder, is a condition where you consistently experience overwhelming emotions, deep feeling of insecurity and impulsive behaviour.

You may be diagnosed with a personality disorder if:

  • you have a history of self-destructive or impulsive behaviour which affects you and those around you, including frequent mood swings
  • your emotions, thoughts and behaviour make it difficult for you to go about your day-to-day life
  • you find it hard to change the way you do things, even when it negatively affects your ability to hold a job or maintain relationships with people.

How personality disorder programs can help you

Our personality disorders programs enhance your motivation and increase your own capabilities. Your treatment may involve medications, psychotherapies, exercise, nutrition and pastoral care as well as group or individual sessions with a psychologist or psychiatrist.

We offer dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT), which research shows helps people with borderline personality disorder, or traits of this disorder, and is effective at reducing suicidal behaviour, self-harm, substance use, anger, depression and improving general quality of life.

While this is our preferred treatment approach, we also offer cognitive behavioural therapy (CTB), mindfulness-based cognitive therapy or schema-focused therapy.