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17 June 2020 Blog
Meet our caregivers
These are some of the faces of our caregivers at St John of God Murdoch Hospital.

Our aim is to make your feel comfortable and welcome while providing you with quality health care and an exceptional patient experience. These are the people of Murdoch who deliver that care every day.

AngeloPeople of Murdoch - Angelo

Registered Nurse Angelo started on Thomas Furlong early this year, after relocating from Sydney. Previously working in general medicine, Angelo is permanent on TF and also completes some casual shifts in Hospice.

The bubbly nurse is a seasoned wedding singer in his previous career! He used to be in a band playing RnB and of course, a whole pile of love songs!

EllaPeople of Murdoch - Ella

Registered Nurse Ella joined Murdoch in September after completing her practical experience at our St John of God Bunbury Hospital and having several enrolled nurse friends working at St John of God Health Care.

Ella said she has noticed that there is always some festivity going on and has already seen our CEO in lots of costumes! Ella used to play piano and would love to get back into her old hobby properly. She regularly YouTube’s new songs she’d love to learn!

Karleigh People of Murdoch - Karleigh

Registered Nurse Karleigh is a first year nurse who was born and raised in Geraldton. She loves playing the popular video game Dungeons and Dragons which inspired her to start running games for people with disabilities and mental health issues, as a social means to interact with others.

Karleigh enjoys spending her spare time volunteering with these groups!

IsabellePeople of Murdoch - Isabelle

Isabelle is a new Registered Nurse who has incredible rural experience as a nurse.

Originally from the UK, she completed her graduate program in the Kimberley, then moving to Christmas Island where she lived and worked for a couple of years. In her spare time, Isabelle is also a swim coach. 

Kristy People of Murdoch - Kristy

Having completed her graduate program at Armadale Hospital, Registered Nurse Kristy is excited to start full time at Murdoch on St Michael’s ward! She’s been blown away by the fantastic workplace culture and support from all caregivers since starting.

Kirsty is obsessed with pasta (carbonara in particular) and dance movies (specifically Dirty Dancing) – the ultimate duo!

Lana People of Murdoch - Lana

Lana is an experienced Registered Nurse on St Elizabeth’s ward and mum of two young kids.

Lana is also a championship Latin-American Ballroom dancer in South Africa, which is where she was born. 

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