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16 June 2020 Podcast
Nutrition and dietetics Podcast
We know that good food makes us happy, but can quality nutritious meals in hospital really help you get home sooner? Senior Dietitian Libby Tearne explains.

In our second podcast episode, St John of God Murdoch Hospital Senior Dietitian Libby Tearne answers questions about nutrition, including the role of a Dietitian, how we support patients in hospital to cover all their dietary requirements and what impact the new Room Service offering will have on patient wellbeing.

Learn more about our Room Service experience.   

Libby Tearne
Libby Tearne - Senior Dietitian
Libby has been a Senior Dietitian with St John of God Murdoch Hospital since 2018. As part of her role she works closely with Catering Services to ensure patient dietary requirements are met according to national standards, as well as undertaking allergy management strategies and maintenance of the patient meal ordering database. Libby also provides training and education for fellow caregivers to ensure patient safety is always at the forefront.