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Mens Health Week tips for staying mentally well

17 June 2020 Blog
Mental health
This year the theme for Men’s Health Week is “Preventing Suicide Together”.

Facts about men's mental health

(source: Western Sydney University)

  • 1 in 8 men will experience depression
  • 1 in 5 men will experience anxiety at some stage in their lives
  • Blokes make up an average of 6 out of every 8 suicides every single day in Australia
  • Males are more than twice as likely to have substance use disorders and three times more likely to suicide as females

Depression is still a significant factor in the high male suicide rates, but not in the majority of cases. Male suicides are more commonly linked to a range of distressing life events such as:

  • relationship separation
  • financial problems
  • relationship conflict
  • bereavement
  • recent or pending unemployment
  • family conflict
  • pending legal matters

Unemployed males suicide at a rate 4.6 times higher than their employed counterparts.

Top tips from our clinicians for men to stay mentally well:

  1. Ask for help. Men are notorious for not asking for help. The most courageous thing a man can do is pick up the phone and call for help when he needs it.
  2. Tell your family and friends how you're really feeling. Seeking help is not weakness, in fact it shows strength.
  3. Hiding the pain, is not good, find someone you can trust and talk and talk openly and honestly.
  4. It’s OK to cry, it’s OK for your family to see you cry and it's OK to be vulnerable and to show your vulnerability.
  5. Men are the worst at maintaining large networks of friends as we get older. Investing time and energy into developing and nurturing relationships with friends can be vital to maintaining good mental health.
  6. Develop a healthy sleep pattern and stay away from electronic devices at night.
  7. Maintain a weight that’s healthy for you and enjoy a balanced diet. We are coming to understand more and more the important role our gut plays in our mood state so that an unhealthy diet may be affecting more than your cholesterol level.
  8. Try a new hobby or develop a new skill. Learning can help keep life new and interesting.
  9. Explore your spiritual side.

For further support BeyondBlue have some great resources or call the MensLine on 1300 789 978 professional counsellors available 24/7.

Our mental health hospitals have a range of both inpatient and outpatient programs that treat depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress and general mental health conditions. 

At St John of God Health Care we use a variety of trusted experts and caregivers to create our blog posts.