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Happy Birthday, Murdoch

16 February 2024

Meet our caregivers
I have worked at St John of God Murdoch Hospital for 17 years and like our First Nations people and their knowledge of the land, I know every corner of this beautiful hospital.

Those who work alongside me have become my family.

The Aboriginal people moved around the land with the changing seasons and I have moved with the seasons of life, alongside my work family.

Together we have shared and witnessed all of life’s seasons, births, deaths, joy, and deep sorrow. My heart, soul, laughter, and tears are within these walls.

When the opportunity arose to mark our 30th birthday, I was excited to be a part of it.

I met a beautiful soul called Aunty Neta Knapp, who taught us how to tell our story using Aboriginal art techniques.

There was a queue of excited caregivers eager to get their hands on the paint, and I stood alongside my work family to put my permanent and everlasting mark on the artwork.

I learnt the meaning behind the dots and swirls that make up First Nations Peoples artwork that I love. I will now look at future artwork with fresh eyes and with new meaning.

Aunty Neta and Tracey Gracewood with Djilba

This artwork will adorn the walls long after I have retired. However, I know I will always be a part of this Murdoch through this artwork, and I feel deeply privileged to have be a part of it. It will hang in pride as an everlasting reminder of our connection to the hospital and respecting the land upon which it is built. It will continue to spark conversation the weeks, months, and years to come.

My dots as part a yarning circle will be there forever, which is so special to me. My hope is that it will capture the light in the changing seasons as our patients and work family move through the seasons of their lives.

I hope our patients will get to see it and witness the love within it as they navigate their health journey. They will feel the sense of love and family that we all share, and they will feel the power of love and healing.

Thank you, Aunty Neta.

Tracey Gracewood RN
Tracey Gracewood - Registered nurse
Tracey started as a Registered Nurse on Bridget Clancy ward, then spent ten years as a Case Management Coordinator before making the move to Clinical Documentation as a Clinical Documentation Specialist.