HR Forms


Western Australia

SJGHC Enrolled Nurses and Support Services Enterprise Agreement 2016
SJGHC HSU Health Professionals, Administrative, Clerical and Technical Enterprise Agreement 2016
SJGHC Maintenance Caregivers Agreement 2016
SJGHC WA Metro ANF Registered Nurse and Midwives Agreement 2016
SJGHC AMA WA Medical Practitioners Agreement 2016
Model Casual Conversion Clause


SJG Accord Community Engagement Services (ACES) Enterprise Agreement 2014
SJG Accord Shared Supported Accommodation (SSA) Enterprise Agreement 2014
SJGHC Health Professionals Enterprise Agreement (Victorian Hospitals) 2015-2018
SJGHC Victoria Health Choices Home Care Nurses Enterprise Agreement 2012
SJGHC Victoria HSU Health and Allied Services Enterprise Agreement 2013
SJGHC Victoria Medical Scientists, Dietitians, Pharmacists & Psychologists Enterprise Agreement 2015 SJGHC Victoria Nurses Enterprise Agreement 2016

New South Wales

Hawkesbury District Health Service Ltd & NSWNMAANMF Nursing & Midwifery Enterprise Agreement 2014
Hawkesbury District Health Service Ltd HSU NSW Non-Nursing Enterprise Agreement 2014
SJGHC (NSW Hospitals) Health Professionals & Support Services EA 2016
SJGHC NSW Nurses Enterprise Agreement 2014

Federal Modern awards

Clerks Private Sector Award 2010
Health Professionals and Support Services Award 2010
Nurses Modern Award 2010
Social, Community Home Care and Disability Services Industry Services Award 2010
Supported Employment Services Award 2010

Mandatory forms

Bank Account Authorisation Details Form 20160211
Superannuation Standard Choice Form 20140824
National Police Clearance Reimbursement Authority Hawkesbury 20160506
Staff Health Pre Employment Questionnairre 20140904
Staff Health Pre Employment Questionnairre HORIZON HOUSE 20141216
Tax Declaration Form 20160714
Travel Green Allowance Form Subiaco 20161003
DWES Consent Form
DWES Statutory Declaration
Accord Code of Conduct Declaration Form

Informational forms 

Fair Work Information Statement 20160701
Health Choices Orientation Induction Checklist 20160714
HESTA Member Application & Information Booklet 20160901
Horizon House Oncall Additional Leave 20160217
Maxxia Employee Benefits Guide 20161005
My Learning 20141006
Safety Induction Letter MIDLAND 20160623
Safety Induction Letter MT LAWLEY & SUBIACO 20150716
Uniform FAQ - 201601Workplace Giving Form 20141027My Pay Log On Guide 20130308

Site Induction - Group Services 
Site Induction - Outreach Services
Medical Practitioner By Laws
SJGHC Code of Conduct
Living in Western Australia Booklet
Working for SJGHC Booklet
FAQ Interdivisional Transfer
FAQ Jobs at Multiple Divisions
Deduction Form
Document Checklist

Berwick Uniform Brochure
Murdoch Orientation Letter
Uniform Ordering Quick Reference Guide
ML Map and Parking Codes

Biometric Collection & Consent Notice
Biometic FAQ Pack

Uniforms Female

Administration Female
Allied Health Clinical Female 
Allied Health Manager Female 
Cleaning Couriers Environmental Female
Engineering Maintenance Gardening Female
Health Choices Female 
Hospital Chef Kitchen Female 
Loading Dock Female
Nurse Unit Manager Female 
Nursing Assistant Female 
Nursing Female 

Uniforms Male

Administration Male
Allied Health Clinical Male 
Allied Health Manager Male 
Cleaning Couriers Environmental Male
Engineering Maintenance Gardening Male
Health Choices Male
Hospital Chef Kitchen Male
Loading Dock Male 
Nurse Unit Manager Male
Nursing Assistant Male
Nursing Male

Uniforms Unisex  

Hospitality Cafe Catering
Administration Unisex
Allied Health Clinical Unisex
Allied Health Manager Unisex
Cleaning Couriers Environmental Unisex
Engineering Maintenance Gardeners Unisex
Health Choices Unisex
Hospitality Cafe Catering Unisex
Hospitality Chefs Kitchen Unisex
Loading Dock Unisex
Nursing Assistants Unisex
Nursing Unisex
Pastoral Care Unisex
Nurse Unit Manager Unisex
Supply Unisex

IR Forms 

Letter Instructions and FAQ
Hawkesbury Nurses Voting Instructions
Hawkesbury Nurses and Midwives EBA 2017
Hawkesbury HSU ASMOF Voting Instructions
Hawkesbury HSU ASMOF EBA 2017

Probation and Extension Forms

Authority to Recruit Form
Application for Parental Leave Form
Notice of Resignation/Termination Form
Caregiver Amendment Form
Pre-Employment Health Screening Form
Performance Improvement Plan - 2015
Probation Performance Review - Graduate program
Probationary Performance Review Form
Managing Underperformance in the Probationary Period Guide

 Alesco Forms

Qualification Allowance - NSW RN EBA 
Qualification Allowance - VIC (Health Professionals Only) 
Qualification Allowance - VIC (Med Sci Diet Phar Psych Only) 
Qualification Allowance - VIC (Nurses Agreement Only) 
Qualification Allowance - WA RN EBA
Qualification Allowance - (Subi RNs Only)

Flu vaccinations - Subiaco

2020 flu vaccination information
2020 flu vaccination Subiaco schedule
2020 flu vaccination consent