When to get help from a physiotherapist

Physiotherapists are often the first people we see after injury and that is with good reason. As our Physiotherapist Adele Taylor explains, physiotherapists can have a great impact on recovery.

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What exactly do physiotherapists do?

Physiotherapists help you if you are affected by injury, illness or disability through movement and exercise, manual therapy, education and advice.

They work with you to maintain health regardless of age, helping you manage pain and prevent disease.

Physiotherapists also help to facilitate recovery, as well as enable you to stay functional, remain independent and ultimately improve your quality of life.

What treatment techniques do St John of God Frankston Rehabilitation Hospital physiotherapists use?

We assess your condition and tailor a treatment plan that is suitable for you using a combination of movement and exercise, manual therapy, education and advice.

Some of the key therapy techniques we use, and that have great results with patients include:

  • manipulation and joint mobilisation
  • soft tissue massage
  • trigger point release
  • dry needling
  • electrotherapy
  • hydrotherapy
  • exercise prescription
  • advice and management of conditions.

Why go to St John of God Frankston Rehabilitation Hospital?

Our experienced physiotherapists are experts in working with patients who are recovering from injury, trauma and illness or have a loss of functionality due to medical conditions or disability.

In addition to the support from our wonderful caregivers, we also offer:

  • a fully equipped gymnasium
  • onsite hydrotherapy pool
  • a welcoming and relaxing treatment area.

Make an appointment today

You can make an appointment without a referral.

You make an appointment enquiry online or over the phone on (03) 9788 3331.

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Adele Taylor Physiotherapist

About the Author

Adele Taylor is a Senior Clinician Physiotherapist and coordinator of the outpatient Pain Wise program at St John of God Frankston Rehabilitation Hospital. She has a special interest in Musculoskeletal and Orthopaedic physiotherapy and pain management and completed a Master of Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy in 2014. She has worked in a variety of fields including outpatients, private practice, inpatient rehabilitation, Emergency Department and acute orthopaedics.