Using exercise to improve your wellbeing

Exercise physiology can help improve your health and wellbeing if you have acute or chronic conditions or after injury, trauma or to help you manage your disability. Our Exercise Physiologist Sam Buchanan explains how you can benefit from ongoing care.

2 Nov 2017

St John of God Frankston Rehabilitation Hospital exercise physiology 

What is an exercise physiologist?

Firstly, exercise physiologists are not simply highly-skilled personal trainers who are going to bark instructions at you as you work up a sweat in the gym.

Exercise physiologists provide safe and specialised exercise interventions to help people manage their conditions or improve their wellbeing. They understand how the body works and how exercise can help manage acute and chronic medical conditions and disability, and improve your wellbeing after injury or trauma.

Will you just work out in the gym?

Our exercise physiologists don’t just want to see you running on a treadmill or lifting weights endlessly. They want to know what your goals and needs are before you start any new exercises.

Firstly, they will work with you to complete an assessment and identify your exercise needs and goals.

They will then partner with you to develop an individualised exercise program to help you achieve those goals.

If you don’t like exercising in a gym, they will find ways to help you exercise at home or in the park or at the pool -  our exercise physiologists know that the best way for you to achieve your goals is to make your everyday exercise enjoyable for you.

They will also work with your general practitioner or specialist as needed and provide advice and education along the way so you can stick to your goals and enhance your capabilities as you progress.

Why see our exercise physiologists?

Our exercise physiologists work with both people who are living in the community and those who are staying with us in hospital. This means that you might have the same exercise physiologist when you are a patient in hospital as when you come in as an outpatient.

You also have access to a range of facilities so you can achieve your goals. These include our fully equipped gymnasium and hydrotherapy pool.

Interested in exercise physiology? 

We offer both exercise physiology outpatient and casual appointments. 

Have a referral from your GP or Specialist? 

If you have a referral, please call to commence your outpatient rehabilitation program.
Tel: (03) 9788 3350

No referral?

Our casual exercise physiology appointments do not require a doctor referral and are available to anyone in the community, you do not need to have been a patient in our hospital. 

Please note: A GP referral is required for a Chronic Disease Management Scheme and DVA claiming.

Complete an enquiry form or contact our Active Health and Wellbeing caregiver team to make an appointment.
Tel: (03) 9788 3331

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Sam Buchanan Exercise Physiologist

About the Author

Sam Buchanan is an accredited exercise physiologist at St John of God Frankston Rehabilitation Hospital who works closely with his patients to receive the best health outcomes possible. He enjoys working with patients of all conditions, from recovering from major joint surgery or trauma, to managing chronic disease and disability. Sam has a strong background in musculoskeletal, cardio-pulmonary and oncology rehabilitation, and receives great satisfaction from seeing a patient’s health and wellbeing improve to be able to manage their condition independently.