Making progress during our anxiety program

Consultant Clinical Psychologist Ian Smith explains the key milestones and achievements you can expect during your inpatient anxiety program at St John of God Burwood Hospital.

29 Sep 2017

Our three-week inpatient anxiety program is focused on helping you learn about anxiety and giving you opportunities to practice a range of anxiety management strategies.

Throughout your stay, you will achieve a number of key milestones which will prepare you for discharge and daily life. There is also the opportunity to join a 10-week outpatient program after your initial stay to continue reinforcing your skills.

St John of God Burwood Hospital anxiety program milestones

Week 1 milestones

During you first week in hospital, you will work with your care team to understand your anxiety and start developing your personal goals for recovery.

In this time, you will:

  • Develop an understanding of the physiological nature of anxiety
  • Start the Anxiety Therapy Program
  • Actively participate in developing your individual care plan with your multidisciplinary team
  • Set personal goals for recovery
  • Recognise the negative role anxiety plays in your life

Week 2 milestones

In your second week with us, you will learn strategies and models of thinking to help you towards recovery.

In this time, you will:

  • Learn a model to challenge the negative thinking which feeds into your anxiety
  • Recognise your personal beliefs and automatic negative thoughts which feed your anxiety
  • Learn strategies to manage emotions without becoming overwhelmed with anxiety

Week 3 milestones

During your final week in hospital, we will work closely with you to ensure you are able to return to your daily activities while managing your anxiety. You may also be able to continue your recovery through a 10-week outpatient program.

During week 3, you will:

  • Learn to communicate assertively and set healthy boundaries
  • Complete a mental health recovery and discharge plan

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