Scholarship awarded to passionate educator

St John of God Murdoch Hospital Clinical Nurse Ashleigh Maskew has been selected as one of 24 recipients of a scholarship to further her education.

18 May 2023

Ashleigh is using the Sister Bridget Clancy Scholarship for the Empowerment of Women through Education to study a Graduate Certificate of Nursing with an Advanced Practice Major at James Cook University.
“The scholarship is going to help me pay for the university fees of a course I really want to do. The course is going to give me an extended level of knowledge, enabling me to do my job better in helping my patients and my team,” Ashleigh said.

The scholarship, which was first offered in 2021 in celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Sister's foundation, seeks to continue the legacy of the visionary and courageous women who founded St John of God Health Care in Australia.

The scholarship was open to female caregivers undertaking studies focused on leadership development or related to women's health.

Ashleigh’s journey with St John of God Health Care started 16 years ago at St John of God Subiaco Hospital, with her passion for education growing fonder over the years.

“I started my career as an enrolled nurse, before going on to do additional study to become a registered nurse, which St John of God Health Care supported me to do through a fellowship at the time,” she said.

“I was at Subiaco for seven years and have been at Murdoch since. I’m now a clinical nurse which gives me the opportunity to educate fellow caregivers and help them grow, which I find very rewarding.

“The goal for me is to be somewhere in the education realm in the future, to enable my colleagues to deliver high quality care to patients, because at the end of the day, delivering positive patient outcomes is the core of everything for me.”

Ashleigh said she was destined to be a nurse from early on in life.

“From a young age, I liked science and helping people. Still today, I like comforting people and showing them that level of compassion,” she said.

“We are there for a patient’s physical needs but you also get a sense of accomplishment when you give them the emotional support they need too.

“I’m really happy where I work and feel privileged to work for an organisation that fosters such a wonderful culture among caregivers.

“I’ve been very well supported with all of my studies and feel lucky to have the ongoing opportunities to advance my career.”