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Renata's Discovery Program story

09 August 2021

Meet our caregivers
St John of God Murdoch Hospital nurses have the opportunity to take part in a specialised nursing Discovery Program which enables them to develop a foundation of skills to work in specialised areas with little experience. Registered nurse Renata shares her experience.

The Discovery Program provided me with a great opportunity to try out all the specialities in theatre and the sub-specialities within them.

This meant I got to meet everyone in the theatre workplace. I could build my rapport with other caregivers in my training time which made the transition into perioperative nursing smooth and enjoyable. 

During the Discovery Program I consistently received productive feedback and advice. It was nice knowing my mentors noticed my accomplishments, which was really motivating to continue learning and developing in my roles. 

There are always lots of people around to help you throughout the entirety of the program. All the team members, coordinators and managers were forthcoming with learning opportunities and always made sure I was there to experience these educational moments. It was a genuinely enjoyable and educational year.

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St John of God Murdoch Hospital Renata
Renata - Registered Nurse
Guest Author
St John of God Murdoch Hospital Renata
Renata Registered Nurse
Guest Author