Thrive at Murdoch

Reach your potential with the Thrive Development Programs at Murdoch.

St John of God Murdoch Hospital's thrive development programs

See Me as a Person

See Me as a Person is a two-day development program available to all caregivers, at the nomination of their Manager. 

The program focuses on how we, as caregivers, establish authentic connections with our patients and families.  Through these connections we can convey compassion, empathy and an understanding of the meaning and magnitude of the patient's illness to the patient and family.  It helps us to understand how to provide a holistic patient experience every time.

The program is facilitated by senior Murdoch caregivers and involves a day of reading and reflection, and a day of facilitated group work.

Leading an Empowered Organisation (LEO)

Murdoch's Leading an Empowered Organisation Program, LEO, is a three-day program aimed at Murdoch's current and future leaders.   The program focuses on our responsibility to build an excellent hospital culture through strong, positive and empowering leadership.

LEO is recognised globally as one of the most effective development programs for healthcare leaders and Murdoch is the first hospital in Australia to experience it.

All of our Leadership Group and many of our senior caregivers have now completed the Program and the feedback has been outstanding, with many saying it was by far the most meaningful and useful development they have ever experienced.

Attendees to the Program are nominated by their Manager, and that nomination is approved by the Chief Executive.

Mindfulness and Meditation

Formal meditation, stretch and mindfulness sessions are held semi-regularly. 

Mindfulness in Medication Administration is a new course at Murdoch.

Thrive council

We believe in empowering you to make the best possible decisions for your patients and about your work environment and Thrive Councils are a way for us to achieve this

What is a Thrive Council?

A Thrive Council is a group of elected caregivers from each department who have responsibility for decision-making on patient safety and quality, and the patient and caregiver experience. Adapted for Murdoch from the evidence-based nursing leadership model known as Shared Governance, Thrive Councils empower you to innovate and problem solve to improve care. This time is paid, rostered and protected to ensure these aren’t just words – they actually are put into practice.

Why do we use Thrive Councils?

We believe decision making should be made at the closest possible point to where the decision will take effect. Through Thrive Councils, decisions are made by caregivers who are the experts in their respective areas; those who are in the best position to inform changes and make sustainable, successful improvements.

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