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Pregnancy and team care

03 July 2019 Blog
We offer a low-cost maternity option for women who have a low-risk pregnancy and choose to give birth at St John of God Geelong Hospital. Midwife Janine Wheeler explains what this means and how it differs from our traditional model of care.

Traditionally, maternity care at a private hospital gives you the option to choose your obstetrician who cares for you during pregnancy and is on hand when you give birth.

This model is sometimes referred to as obstetric-led care and is the most popular option for women choosing private maternity care, as you are seen and guided by an obstetrician who you know and trust.

Another option that is now available at St John of God Geelong Hospital is a team care approach during pregnancy and birth.

Team care at St John of God Geelong Hospital

Team care at St John of God Geelong Hospital is offered through our Bundle package which is available to women who have a low-risk pregnancy (other eligibility criteria applies so make sure you read more about Bundle).

Our team care approach gives you access to a team of midwives and obstetricians who you see throughout your pregnancy.

During birth you will be cared for by the midwives and an obstetrician who you have met during your pregnancy.

What to expect at antenatal appointments

Your antenatal appointments are offered at our Bundle clinic at St John of God Geelong Hospital.

At your first Bundle antenatal clinic appointment you will see both a midwife and one of our consultant obstetricians.

We will put a pregnancy plan together with you at this first appointment and at each subsequent appointment you will see a midwife and obstetrician.

This team approach between our midwives and obstetricians is a bit different to some other shared care models, where you have appointments with your GP and a midwife.

Team care and low-risk pregnancy

Team care is only available if you have a low-risk pregnancy (as assessed by your GP and the Bundle maternity care team).

Our experienced midwives provide the majority of your maternity care in our Bundle care model, with oversight and additional support when required from our obstetricians.

The health and safety of you and your baby is our first priority so we want to ensure you receive the most appropriate care.

Medium to high risk pregnancies need an additional level of care and are best managed by a dedicated consultant obstetrician through our traditional, and most popular, private maternity option where you receive one-on-one care from your chosen obstetrician and ongoing support from our experienced midwives.

Which option to choose?

Not all pregnancies are the same, so your first step is to check your eligibility for Bundle. If you are eligible, speak to your GP who can provide a referral.

If not, find an obstetrician to receive our well-known and most popular maternity service with one-on-one care from the doctor of your choice.

You can also contact us directly to find out more.

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St John of God Geelong Hospital midwife Janine Wheeler
Janine Wheeler - Midwife

Janine Wheeler is a midwife at St John of God Geelong Hospital. She has more than 15 years’ experience as a midwife in Geelong and she leads the midwifery care provided through the hospital’s Bundle maternity package.