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Cancer treatment - separating fact from fiction

25 January 2019 Blog
Cancer care
Oncologist Dr Sanjay Mukhedkar says it’s natural to be worried about what lies ahead if you are diagnosed with cancer but there are aspects of treatment that are not going to be as bad as you may think. Dr Mukhedkar separates the fact from fiction about cancer treatments.

My hair is going to fall out

Not all chemotherapy drugs cause hair loss. If you do you lose your hair, it is likely to regrow within a short time after you completed your treatment.

New chemotherapy scalp cooling caps, which help to reduce the chance of losing your hair, are now often available during chemotherapy.

I’m going to feel sick all the time

Although chemotherapy can sometimes make you feel nauseous, your doctor is able to adjust dosages and types of drug combinations to help reduce this feeling. 

Studies show that people who choose to undergo chemotherapy treatment for cancer have a much better quality of life than people who choose not to undergo the treatment.

My life will be cut short

Thanks to modern medicine and early intervention, almost all cancers are treatable.

The earlier the cancer is detected, the better your chance of survival.

If your cancer is not treatable, you doctor will offer you a range of treatment to help you feel as well as possible for as long as possible.

I’m going to be tired all the time

Sometimes, tiredness can be a side effect of treatment or from the cancer itself.

Regular, daily exercise can help combat fatigue.

I’ll have to stop work

Not all people stop working when they are diagnosed with cancer.

You will need to make allowances for interruptions and working hours might need to be modified to find the balance that is right for you, but if you are feeling well there is generally no reason to stop work or the things you enjoy doing entirely.

I will need to take vitamin supplements

If you eat a balanced and healthy diet, you may not need to take extra vitamins.

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Dr Sanjay Mukhedkar - Oncologist
Dr Sanjay Mukhedkar is an oncologist at St John of God Murdoch Hospital. Sanjay completed his training in New York, New Zealand and Australia and has special interests in lung cancer and cancers of the gastrointestinal tract.