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The pregnancy journey with Issy Kerr

07 June 2018 Blog
Bendigo business owner and blogger Issy Kerr is pregnant with her third. Having chosen to give birth at St John of God Bendigo Hospital, Issy is sharing her journey with us each month from pregnancy to birth and beyond as she welcomes her third baby into the world.

Hi, I’m Issy, and I’ve been asked to share a little of my pregnancy journey with you guys, so I figure I may as well start with who I am.

I’m a mum to two crazy kids who are 5 and 3, and I am currently 14 weeks pregnant with our next – and yes, it was planned (this question seems to come up way more when you venture past two).

Both of our kids were born at St John of God Bendigo Hospital – although we did almost drop our private health after the first birth because it was so straight forward. We considered it for all of about a minute before I remembered that they tend to kick you out of public hospitals about 24 hours after your second birth, and it freaked me out that I wouldn’t be surrounded by nurses on that dreaded day three – so we kept it.

Oh, if you haven’t had a baby yet and you’re wondering what day three is all about, it’s basically when your milk comes in and your boobs turn to boulders, and subsequently you cry because you realise that your body is no longer yours.

But I digress, and I do that a bit, so sorry in advance.

So – birth two. Even quicker than the first (although with a much bigger head) – which meant that I needed every last minute of lying in bed and not going home to a full on toddler.

 So many people told me that it’s different the second time around, and that I’d want to be home as soon as I could. I’m still not sure why I’m friends with these people, or what their homes are like (do they have maids?), but I absolutely lapped up every day of being brought brilliant food (it totally got better in the two and half years since the first) and not having to worry about things at home.

Plus, my eldest loved her special time with her dad, and I loved properly bonding with my new little one before having to face reality.

After baby number two we dropped our private health – temporarily. 

Luckily we were still in the cooling off period when we realised that we needed to go to sleep school and quickly got it back. Then, after sleep school, every time the conversation came up again about insurance, hubby would get a little twinkle in his eye and suggest we keep it, 'just in case'.

So, here we are again, our ‘just in case’, turned into a ‘maybe we should’, turned into two double lines.

I’m looking forward to taking you guys along for the ride.

Issy Kerr
Issy Kerr - Parent blogger
Guest Author

Issy Kerr is a mother of two young children and is expecting her third baby at St John of God Bendigo Hospital due in late 2018. She is a Bendigo business owner and avid blogger. She is sharing her pregnancy story to give other Bendigo mothers an insight into her maternity journey.

Issy says her inspiration to share her story stems from her experience as a new mother: "When I had my first (crazy) baby, I really struggled to adjust to parenthood. It didn’t help that I was up all hours of the night with a non-sleeper trawling through social media. It wasn’t until my second baby came along (not as crazy, but also a non sleeper) that the idea of trying to change this social perception of parenting came to me. Chatting to other parents confirmed that my crazy experiences were in fact, pretty normal. Flash to 2016 when my brain was working well enough to start putting ideas together (thanks sleep school)….and Seriously Milestones was born. Seriously Milestones is about telling the truth - that having kids isn’t all coffee dates and gummy smiles. The cards embrace the desire for parents to capture and share more of the ‘real’ parenting moments"