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A message from our stroke patients

14 August 2018 Blog
As a part of Speech Pathology week – a week to raise awareness of speech difficulties – our stroke patients have shared their message that they are still the same person.

In the video, our patients highlight that they are still the same person as they were prior to their stroke, it’s just they have trouble expressing and understanding written and spoken language.

Aphasia affects everyone differently and whilst some patients may present with mild difficulties, some may present as severely profound.  Each patient is still the same person they were before their stroke, just as intelligent, just as funny and just as unique – the only difference is now they have a little difficulty getting their message across.

The video has given our patients the opportunity to demonstrate to others that they are still the same person they were before their stroke.

Speech Pathologist Alice Smedley said she hoped the video provided inspiration for those facing speech difficulties.

“We often hear how patients suffer with their identity post stroke and essentially lose part of who they once were,” she said.

“Our job is to assess, provide treatment, strategies and education to channel who they essentially are and ensure that this ‘missing’ component is restored.

“We are extremely grateful to the patients and their families who participated in the video and sharing their journey with us – and all of you.”

The Speech Pathology Department acknowledges Halton-Peel Community Aphasia Program for the idea to create the video.

Alice Smedley - Speech Pathologist
Alice Smedley is a speech pathologist at St John of God Midland Public and Private Hospitals. She currently works across the stroke, rehabilitative and mental health wards.
Alice Smedley Speech Pathologist