Reduce your risk of a stroke

With 90 per cent of strokes being preventable, our Stroke Liaison Nurse Simone Uetake discusses how stroke can be prevented by simply managing your risk factors and living a healthy lifestyle.

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Stroke significantly impacts all that it touches and doesn’t only effect the elderly with 30 per cent of stroke survivors being of working age (under 65 years).

While there are some risk factors which can’t be prevented, such as age, family history, prior stroke and gender it is important we all take ownership of our health by implementing healthy daily habits.

Five tips to a healthy lifestyle to help prevent stroke include:

  • eating well
  • staying active
  • being smoke free
  • moderating alcohol intake
  • visiting your doctor for a health check up

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Keeping active key for stroke patients

As well as promoting healthy living our stroke ward has an incredible team of health professionals who strive to improve outcomes for stroke survivors.

Our goal is to enrich our stroke ward with meaningful activities to encourage better participation in rehabilitation and keep motivation levels high, especially over the weekend.

We understand that being in hospital for prolonged periods of time can impact mood and motivation, which in turn impacts a patients ability to rehabilitate effectively.

We have recently embarked on 'Sunday Funday', where we provide a range of activities, such as Wheel of Fortune and Bingo, for patients to attend in a group setting.

They can also bring along their families and can stay for afternoon tea.

The activities have had great success and a positive flow-on effect for therapies throughout the week.

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Simone Uetake Stroke Liaison Nurse

About the Author

Simone Uetake is a clinical nurse and Stroke Liaison Nurse at St John of God Midland Public and Private Hospital. She has worked as a registered nurse for more than six years and in the aged care sector for more than 20 years. She is passionate about stroke care and assisting patients and families through their stroke journey.

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