Position statements

Short Statement on Inclusion in St John of God Health Care

Human dignity is the central element for a culture of inclusion in the workplace.

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St John of God Health Care is a ministry of the Catholic Church, whose Catholic Social Teaching is built upon the recognition of the inherent dignity of every person. Human dignity is the central element for a culture of inclusion in the workplace.

A culture of inclusion will reflect an environment that is respectful and safe, welcoming and accessible, unified and diverse.

Features of an inclusive workplace will include:

  • All people feel able, without discrimination, to contribute in a creative environment.
  • Opportunity is equally available to all. People feel valued, have meaningful work, and feel able to participate, contribute and reach their full potential. They know that their work is important to the organisation.
  • It is a workplace where all people can be themselves and feel that they belong.
  • Innovation and ideas for new ways of thinking and working are welcomed.
  • There is a sense of camaraderie, with strong bonds and shared goals amongst caregivers and caregiver teams.
  • People see that the organisation treats people fairly and without discrimination.
  • There is demonstrated integrity, accountability and transparency in behaviours and a commitment to practising tolerance and appropriate behaviours.

Inclusion does not require a prescriptive listing of attributes that may place people into categories. Within a culture shaped by common goals and values arising from our Catholic identity, inclusion is embodied in the practice of hospitality and welcome in the workplace.