Hospital redevelopments underway

Five St John of God Health Care hospitals across three states are currently planning major redevelopments to provide increased service capacity within modern and best-practice facilities.

4 Jun 2021

Our facilities in Subiaco, Murdoch, Ballarat, Richmond and Langmore are in various stages of planning, approval and construction as they look to upgrade their service delivery.  

Chief Operating Officer, Hospitals Bryan Pyne said the time is right to undertake redevelopments of these hospitals to meet the needs of the communities we operate in. 

“Our hospital facilities need to be the best they can be to support our clinicians in delivering world-class care” he said.  

“A theme across all redevelopments is the dedication to consumer engagement and feedback. This will be the key to ensure that the buildings are fit for purpose and that we continue to put our patients at the centre of our care. 

“We know that there is a need for more mental health support in our communities and we will draw upon our organisation’s strong tradition of delivering essential mental health service care as we move forward with plans to upgrade facilities on multiple sites.”

Western Australia 

In Western Australia, St John of God Subiaco Hospital has progressed plans for a major redevelopment and expansion, including the addition of an Emergency Department and dedicated Mother and Baby Centre.St John of God Subiaco Hospital redevelopment

Operating theatres will increase from 23 to 26, and 44 new beds will be added. Specialist medical suites and a research and education centre are also planned in the staged expansion project. 

Existing wards are planned to have significant upgrades to provide refreshed patient areas and larger single rooms. An additional 220 new car bays will also be provided to accommodate growing patient and visitor numbers. 

St John of God Murdoch Hospital redevelopment

Also in Western Australia, St John of God Murdoch Hospital has supported construction to expand essential oncology services, progressing planning for the development of a new 48 bed stand-alone mental health facility and is well advanced in fitting out 30 beds and two new theatres that were created as shelled areas in the previous redevelopment.

Once construction is completed, St John of God Murdoch Hospital’s new private radiation oncology facility will be the first in Perth’s southern metropolitan area and will have the capacity to treat up to 1,000 cancer patients a year. The facility will be fully integrated into the hospital.

The development is the result of a partnership between Centuria Healthcare, St John of God Murdoch Hospital, and GenesisCare; Australia’s leading provider of radiation therapy services.

Our Murdoch hospital is also in the final stages of planning to build a 48-bed stand-alone mental health facility, designed to support youth and adults with mild to moderate mental health disorders.


New South Wales 

Dedicated mental health hospital, St John of God Richmond Hospital, is undergoing community consultation to significantly redevelop the North Richmond site. St John of God Richmond Hospital redevelopment

The design will increase capacity from 88 shared beds to 112 single rooms, with comprehensive treatment facilities such as a wellness centre to support holistic person-centred care. Accommodation pavilions will be separate from treatment spaces to allow patients to heal and recover, and existing buildings such as the administration facilities will be refurbished. Importantly, the historically significant Belmont House will be restored in the new campus design.


St John of God Ballarat Hospital redevelopment

Design development has commenced for an expansion of St John of God Ballarat Hospital. The project includes the construction of a new building adjacent to the current medical services building that will allow for internal reconfiguration of existing clinical areas and provide an additional 30 new inpatient beds and two new operating theatres. 

A new intensive care unit will also be constructed which will increase the capacity of this essential service at Ballarat hospital by three beds.

Also in Victoria, the repurposing of the Langmore Centre (the former St John of God Berwick Hospital) into a mental health facility is continuing with the project currently tendering for a construction contractor and the overall program completion forecast for May 2022. 

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