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Top 10 things that surprised our mums about birth

31 March 2021 Blog
Mums from our St John of God Health Care maternity hospitals were asked to describe some aspects of labour and birth that they didn’t expect.

Here are their responses.

“I didn’t realise that when your waters broke the amniotic fluid can keep trickling and gushing out after the initial gush. I thought it just came out all at once but it can keep gushing for ages.” 

“I had so much planned for labour and it didn’t matter when the time came. I thought I wanted to use the bath as I normally love water… hated it! I rented a tens machine to use in labour…hated it! I usually love touch and massage… hated it! In the end my body just took over and wanted what it wanted.” 

“I didn’t see my mucus plug during my first labour. I was surprised how big and disgusting it looked when I saw it in my second labour – the stuff of nightmares.”

“Being induced I was shocked at how intense my contractions were IMMEDIATELY. No slow build up or spaced out contractions – just full on labour straight away. That caught me off guard.” 

“Everyone tells horror stories of giving birth but I thought it was amazing.” 

 “When I was induced I expected labour would come quickly but I was surprised that it took two days before anything happened.”

“I didn’t ever think I would want photos in the birthing suite but my mum was there and she took some amazing pictures. Now I am so glad I have them.” 

“The intensity surprised me from early on, even from one-centimetre dilated and with contractions every two minutes.” 

“I was surprised how positive the epidural made my pushing stage as it helped me feel everything I needed to feel but with no pain and this meant I could push really effectively. There is a place for epidurals and women shouldn’t think an epidural is because you can’t cope.”

“The bond with your partner that day is just something you can’t put into words. Seeing him with his baby and the way he looks at them and you, amazing!”

A note from Midwife Kylie Marston:

Everyone’s bodies are different and will act different during labour. These are great examples to share and learn from but always remember that you could experience something very different.