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Top 10 questions to ask your orthopaedic surgeon

11 March 2021 Blog
Orthopaedic surgery can be life changing for those who have experienced pain or a limited range of motion, particularly over a long period of time.

The best way to prepare for orthopaedic surgery is to ensure you are well informed and understand the procedure and the healing process that follows. 

Orthopaedic Surgeon Mr Robert Steele outlines the top ten questions you should ask your surgeon before undergoing surgery.

  1. Before I go ahead with surgery, are there any other non-surgical options for my condition such as physiotherapy or injections that I should try first?
  2. An explanation of the surgical procedure and all the steps involved?
  3. Are there any risks associated with this particular surgery and what are they?
  4. How do I prepare for my surgery and post-surgery recovery?
  5. How long will I stay in hospital after my surgery?
  6. What pain relief will I have access to while in hospital and take home with me after discharge?
  7. Do I need to hire or buy any medical equipment or modify my home to support me after my surgery?
  8. Will I need to organise help at home to assist with eating, movement and bathing?
  9. When do I see you post operatively and what happens if I am not progressing in my recovery as planned?
  10. What limitations will I have after my surgery and how long can I expect them to last?

The answers to these questions will change depending on your personal circumstances and which joint you are receiving surgery on such as the ankle, hip, knee, back, shoulder or arm. 

Mr Robert Steele - Orthopaedic Surgeon

Mr Robert Steele is an internationally trained orthopaedic surgeon who works at St John of God Berwick Hospital. He has sub-speciality areas of interest in hip and knee surgery and has completed fellowships in lower limb joint replacement surgery and sports surgery of the knee.