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Deb's Habitat for Humanity volunteering experience

06 August 2018

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St John of God Subiaco Nurse, Debra Jasper, travelled to Nepal in May this year as a volunteer with Habitat for Humanity to join the not-for-profit’s “Women Build” project.

I joined a team of 27 volunteers, who worked together to build the base for two houses in the rural area of Kavre which was affected by a devastating earthquake in 2015.

The natural disaster killed nearly 9,000 people, injured approximately 22,000 and left hundreds of thousands of Nepalese homeless, some remain without homes today.

It was a no brainer to sign up, fundraise the $1,700 to contribute to the build and then cover my flights, accommodation and meals for this volunteering project.

It was hard, physical work where we had to move rocks by hand and stamp in mud with our feet to make the base for the house working together as a team.

The experience was definitely worth it for the sense of accomplishment the entire team felt at the end when we had a standing structure as a base for the family in need to now create the top part of their home.

It was special because of the families that we helped and the wonderful people that were on the build.


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