Staying Active

12 April 2018 Blog
Katie Sutton is a Grade 3 Accredited Exercise Physiologist at St John of God Bendigo Hospital. We sat down with her to get a better understanding of her role.

Katie has been a caregiver at St John of God Bendigo Hospital for almost 10 years.

"I love working with patients and seeing the difference that exercise/movement/activity can make to their lives and wellbeing. My role allows me to share my passion with people for which I feel very blessed," she says.

"I see an immediate change in people’s ability, mood and demeanor after just one session. A lot my work is done in groups, and just watching people come together in a positive, engaging environment is fantastic to be a part of."

Outside of work Katie doesn't stop!

She spends time with her family (hubby and 4 children) at home on 3 acres just 15 minutes out of town.

"I love driving down my road after work ready to be greeted by the family," she says.

"The whole family has gathered around the kitchen to share their day within minutes of me being home, it’s the favourite part of my day!"

You won't often see Katie sitting still, she keeps active at the gym, walking with friends, doing yoga, and water skiing.

Improving people lives and wellbeing is what Katie is passionate about.

"Regardless of your choice in life whether it’s a mum, an employee, a boss, a CEO, a coach or a volunteer, if you're passionate enough to pursue something you love then you should have support from family, friends and the community, I certainly feel like I'm in that position."