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Preparing for HBF Run for a Reason

23 April 2018

Training and simple preparation can help ensure you make the most of your participation in HBF Run for a Reason. Our physiotherapists Danielle Terblanch and Jessie Newton provide some tips to help you plan for the event.

Pre-Race Preparation

  • Make sure you hydrate pre and post exercise.
  • Warm up and cool down to prevent injury, allocate 5-10minutes.
  • Time is key – do not run 12km from scratch but rather gradually allow yourself a few weeks (ideally months) to build up to it.
  • Aim to walk/run 80% of your chosen distance in the days leading up to the race.
  • Cross train on the days you don’t run, examples include cycling or swimming.
  • Maintain your flexibility by including dynamic stretches within your workout routine.
    If you are sore, make sure you have adequate rest, Epson salt baths, massage or walking to prevent getting injured.

Day before the race

  • Light session prior such as a short walk or jog.
  • Do not push yourself, leave it for race day.
  • Get to bed early, aim for seven hours of sleep.
  • Be organised, have your clothes, socks and joggers ready to go.
  • Plan ahead, it will be busy so think about transport.

Race Day

  • Hydrate yourself.
  • Dynamic stretching or warm up before starting the race.
  • Enjoy a free massage and other activities at the finish line.

Post-race day if you need the help of a physiotherapist to aid your recovery, our private physiotherapy team is available to assist. To make a booking or find out more information, please contact  (08) 9462 4281.

Image: St John of God Midland Pubic and Private Hospital has more than 110 employees participating in the 2018 HBF Run for a Reason.