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How to get the most out of your maternity tour

23 September 2020

A quick walk through our maternity wards during a guided tour with a midwife is one of the best ways to familiarise yourself with the hospital before you give birth. Midwife Dianne Richards provides her tips to getting the most out of your maternity tour.

Just like visiting a new city – a great way to discover all the ins and outs of our maternity wards is on a tour.

Our tours are hosted by midwives who not only show you our facilities but can give you some great tips on pregnancy and preparing yourself for labour.

To get the most of out of your tour and find out everything you want to know about our hospital and care, see my tips below. Remember, some hospitals require a booking so make sure you call ahead.

1. Bring your questions 

You probably have thousands of questions running through your head about the hospital. Write these down and bring them with you on the tour and our midwives will be answer most of them right on the spot – helping you set your mind at ease.

My favourite questions:

  • What things do you provide to make my birth as comfortable as possible? What do I have to provide for myself? For example massage aids/oils, music, lollies.
  • Can partners stay overnight? Do you have double beds?
  • Will I room in with my baby?
  • Do you have a lactation consultant on hand to see me before and after the birth?
  • Do we allow photography?
  • What are the visiting hours?

2. Bring your notebook or take notes on your phone

If you bring your notebook you can record answers to your questions or any other tips our midwives share so you can remember them once you get home. For the privacy of our patients, we ask that you don’t take photos during the tour.

3. Bring your support person

If you are bringing a support person with you when you birth your baby, bring them along to the tour as well so they know what to expect.

4. Keep the maternity tour just for adults

We all know kids can be distracting, so we recommend that you don’t bring other children with you on the tour so you can stay focused on the information and get the most of it.

St John of God Health Care
Dianne Richards - Midwife

Dianne has been a midwife since 1986, working at the St John of God Geelong Hospital for most of that time. Currently Dianne is the Unit Manager of the Women’s Health Unit but loves the clinical aspect of her job particularly working in the birthing suites.