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Tips to using walking aids after orthopaedic surgery

17 November 2017

Walking aids can be fantastic tools to help you move and regain your independence after hip or knee surgery. To use them effectively follow our Physiotherapist Toby Vague tips.

During your recovery, you are encouraged to use walking aids to help you regain your mobility and as a part of your rehabilitation.

You should use walking aids as advised by your physiotherapist and until you are told not to.

The two types of aids most commonly used are walking frames and walking sticks. They are both quite simple to use but you will get the most benefit from them if you follow our steps below.

Using a walking frame

  1. Put the frame in front of you but not too far
  2. Step forward with your operated leg
  3. Then move the other leg forward 

Put simply: frame – sore leg – good leg

Using a walking stick

When using a single point stick:

  1. Hold the stick on the opposite side of the leg that was operated on
  2. Place the stick forward first
  3. Step with your operated leg
  4. Then your good leg

Put simply: stick – sore leg – good leg

As your pain improves and your leg improves in strength your physiotherapist can advise you on returning to a more natural walking pattern.

St John of God Health Care
Toby Vague - Manager Allied Health
Toby is the Manager Allied Health at St John of God Geelong Hospital. He has a background of nearly 20 years' experience as a physiotherapist working predominantly in orthopaedics and rehabilitation.