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Getting out of bed after orthopaedic surgery

17 November 2017 Blog
Orthopaedics Rehabilitation
Everyday tasks are a bit harder after orthopaedic surgery and you may need to adjust how you do things you probably haven’t given much thought to - like how you get out of bed.

Our physiotherapist Toby Vague explains the best technique for getting out of bed after orthopaedic surgery on your hip or knee.

Firstly, don’t get out of bed on your own until your physiotherapist has advised you it is safe to do so.

As a patient in our hospital, you should use your call bell to seek assistance. We don’t want you falling over or hurting yourself.

Getting out of bed

Step 1 - Bend your un-operated leg up and shuffle your bottom to the side of the bed.

Step 2 - Place your hand behind you on the bed to help push yourself forward 

Step 3 - When you are sitting on the side of the bed put your feet to the floor and bend your knees 

Step 4 - Sit on the side of a bed for a moment, in case you experience any dizziness

Step 5 – Use a walker or another aid to help you stand.

St John of God Health Care
Toby Vague - Manager Allied Health
Toby is the Manager Allied Health at St John of God Geelong Hospital. He has a background of nearly 20 years' experience as a physiotherapist working predominantly in orthopaedics and rehabilitation.