Social Outreach

St John of God Social Outreach services build capacity and support the physical, mental and emotional wellness of vulnerable and disadvantaged communities. We provide community-based care in Western Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Timor-Leste.

Group of youth at St John of God Horizon House

 Our outreach services target areas of unmet need. They are available to all members of the community free of charge or at minimal cost.

Social Outreach is a significant expression of St John of God Health Care’s mission. We receive significant funding as part of the organisation’s commitment to allocate two per cent of revenue to social justice activities.

Our services

Through our Social Outreach services, we strive to meet the needs of people within our communities who are experiencing disadvantage, with a focus on areas of unmet needs in health care. Our services are:  

Working across three states, as well as in Timor-Leste, the services provide a range of accommodation, mental health, healthcare and personalised support to people in need – people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to access the help and support they require.

Over the past year, we have: 

  • Delivered $22.5 million of free or low cost services to people in need
  • Delivered 23,753 individual counselling session to provide mental health care to 2,017 parents
  • Prevented 164 young people from entering the cycle of homelessness
  • Trained 86% of nurses at Timor-Leste’s national hospital in core nursing competencies

 Read more about our achievements in the St John of God Community Services Impact Report 2018 or download the pdf here. 

Our Service Statement of Commitment to Child Safety

St John of God Social Outreach is committed to providing a safe environment for all children/young people in its care and proactively takes measures to protect children/young people from abuse. We actively implement strategies to ensure that our services are physically, spiritually, socially, and emotionally safe.  The welfare of the children/young people in our care is our first priority and we have zero tolerance towards child abuse, which is any act committed against a child/young person involving physical violence, sexual offences, emotional and/or psychological abuse or neglect. 

News and events

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