Diagnosing and managing Atrial Fibrillation podcast

It’s estimated that more than half a million Australians are living with Atrial Fibrillation, a condition where the heart beats irregularly. It’s extremely important to diagnose and treat the condition as it can increase your risk of heart failure and stroke.

21 Nov 2019

In our latest health and wellness podcast episode, St John of God Subiaco Hospital Cardiologist Dr Timothy Gattorna talks about the diagnosis and management of the condition, as well as the red flags you should be aware of. 

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Tim Gattorna Cardiologist

About the Presenter

Dr Timothy Gattorna is a consulting Cardiologist at St John of God Subiaco Hospital. He graduated from the University of Sydney and completed his cardiology training at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital before undergoing further subspecialty training in electrophysiology and pacing at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and Royal Perth Hospital, before participating in an international fellowship program in Europe and United States. His areas of interest include the diagnosis and management of cardiac arrhythmias, including catheter ablation, and implantation and management of cardiac devices. He is involved in a number of multicentre, international clinical trials and is actively involved in the training and education of medical students.