There is no love without hurting

Today on 7 April, we reflect on the story of Good Friday.

7 Apr 2023

Person sitting in a chapel looking up at Jesus on a cross

Love and hurt are tied up together. It is often said that you can’t have one without the other. Countless top ten hits across the generations are written about the way love hurts and about relationship break-ups, but there is also the pain that we feel when something bad happens to someone we love. 

The story of Good Friday is the story of the crucifixion and death of Jesus on the cross. This caused great suffering to the disciples and all who followed him. They were hurting and in pain, they were confused and they were suffering. It doesn’t seem to make sense. 

The message that was being sent by Jesus to his followers and all who were present was in fact a message of unconditional love and of hope. Jesus was prepared to suffer deeply and give up his life for all humankind. His mission was one of providing healing and hope for all. 

At this time in the world there is much hurt and suffering. Yet those who love are making a difference. It has been more than a year since the war started in Ukraine, a country in which one out of four people is over 60. Many humanitarian volunteers have travelled into the country to help the elderly. An action of love amongst the pain. 

At St John of God Health Care, we have accepted our Mission of continuing the healing mission of Jesus. Our caregivers and members of our community are invited to continually challenge ourselves with the question “in what ways am I showing love to those who suffer and those who are hurting”? 

Our caregivers strive to consciously live the Values of St John of God Health Care at work to deliver inclusive, compassionate and respectful care, and provide love to all, unconditionally.