Connecting through heads, hearts and hands

Today, on St John of God Day, as one community, we stop and reflect on the life and actions of the man St John of God and the inspiration he provides to us.

8 Mar 2023

St John of God Day

The theme of this year's St John of God Day is "connecting through heads, hearts, and hands", a theme which offers much to reflect on in the ways our caregivers play an important part in the St John of God Health Care community. It is an interpretation of the scripture from Peter "Finally, all of you, be like minded, be sympathetic, love one another, be compassionate and humble" 1 Peter 3:8. 

St John of God intentionally went looking for people who were ignored and outcast by their communities and gathered them in, providing them with unconditional love, care and healing. He identified with the people that he served, and knew their stories well – in fact, he saw himself reflected in each person he cared for. 

Our privilege is to offer connection in this same way through care and compassion to each other and to our patients and clients.  This spirit of care is alive and well in our hospitals and services and we see examples of it every day. 

A recent patient provided feedback on a post-discharge survey that they had "never felt so cared for before. The person bringing my dinner (which was delicious) tucked in my blanket which I am sure is not in their job description. Late at night, a nurse saw my light on and came to check that I was alright and made me a cup of tea."  

This type of feedback is common, and reflects the connections that caregivers have the opportunity to make. Caregivers offer connection to each other as well, reaching out and supporting, noticing when something is done well - or someone needs help, being kind and considerate in word and action. What an opportunity today can be for caregivers at St John of God Health Care.

On this 2023 St John of God Day, caregivers and members of our community are invited to pause and reflect on their connection with others and on how the story of St John of God inspires us, as well as consider the words of Peter chosen for today for consideration. These words offer a reminder to move closer to each other in the spirit of making connection. 

Happy St John of God Day.