St John of God Health Care reveals the most popular baby names for 2022

St John of God Health Care, one of Australia’s largest Catholic providers of maternity services in Australia, has revealed the most popular names for babies born at its hospitals in 2022.

22 Dec 2022

Most popular baby names 2022 heading with baby and nurse

The health care provider, which welcomes more than 11,000 babies each year, has revealed that the most popular boys name is Oliver which tops of the list for the third year in row.

The feminine alternative, Olivia, topped the girls list for 2022 rising one spot from 2021 when it came second.

For girls, there was little movement in the top three names, with Olivia, Charlotte and Isla all swapping positions, but beyond that there were big changes.

Ella rose from the ninth most popular name to fourth, and new additions Ava, Amelia, Harper, Zoe, Sophia and Lily rounded out the list.

For boys, there were plenty of changes (with the exception of perennial favourite Oliver). Leo (2), Jack (3), Henry (5) and Thomas (8) all rose up the list of top 10 names, while Theodore, Charlie, Finn
and James were newcomers to the list this year.

Royal favourite, William, was the biggest slider going from third spot in 2021 down to number 6 this year.

Most popular baby girl names heasing with baby in floral wrap and hat

Most popular baby names for girls in 2022

1. Olivia (2nd in 2021)
2. Charlotte (3rd in 2021)
3. Isla (1st in 2021)
4. Ella (9th in 2021)
5. Ava (New)
6. Amelia (New)
7. Harper (New)
8. Zoe (New)
9. Sophia (New)
10. Lilly (New)

Most popular baby boy heading with baby in white wrap and hat

Most popular baby names for boys in 2022

1. Oliver (Same position)
2. Leo (8th in 2021)
3. Jack (6th in 2021)
4. Theodore (New)
5. Henry (7th in 2021)
6. William (3rd in 2021)
7. Charlie (New)
8. Thomas (10th in 2021)
9. Finn (New)
10. James (New)