Dynamic opportunities fuel project manager Courtney

Opportunities to use her skills across a range of innovative patient-centred projects has kept St John of God Health Care Senior Project Manager Courtney Tinsley loving her job, 10 years after joining the organisation.

6 Dec 2022

Senior Project Manager Courtney Tinsley

Courtney started with St John of God Health Care a decade ago in a part time position doing patient accounts at St John of God Murdoch Hospital while studying for her Masters of Business Administration.

Upon completion, she quickly moved into Finance and then segued into project delivery across the group primarily in the digital information and technology space.

“It quickly became apparent that I had more of an acumen for fast-paced project delivery work instead of operational ‘business as usual’ work,” Courtney said.

“I was given the opportunity to work on business improvement initiatives within Finance and quickly jumped at the chance, which then lead into longer-term project delivery work.”

The range of projects Courtney has helped lead include finance process automation, pharmacy integration with patient systems, internal communications programs and a new recruitment system.

“I really enjoy the dynamic type work that I’ve been able to undertake and learning different streams of the SJGHC operational structure.” she said.

“I get so many opportunities to hone my skills in multiple different areas while all calling on my primary skills set of understanding people and technology and being able to translate the difference.”

Now working as a people leader, Courtney said it was the relationships she had built along her journey that stick with her.

“When I was moving from finance to the project role, my boss at the time became a mentor to me and he still is. I think being able to find my mentor, and have someone who has guided me to find new opportunities has been really important to help me thrive,” she said.

Two years ago, Courtney welcomed her daughter into the world (choosing to give birth at St John of God Murdoch Hospital) and had the flexibility to return to work in a part-time capacity before she chose to build up to full time hours.

“I was working from home to start with which really helped with the day care transition and supported me mentally,” she said.

“I find a lot of our work is based on deliverables, so if you deliver and are consistent, as long as you are available and get the work done we have the flexibility to work from home or in the office or from a hospital.

“I am appreciative of that.”

Courtney said overall the most enjoyable aspect of her job was knowing she was making a difference.

I think the reason I enjoy working here is that it feels like we are all here for a similar reason. We are all here because we genuinely care about the patients who are being cared for in our hospitals and services,” she said.

“Not matter if you are behind the scenes of the player are a main actor you are all still as important as the next person.”