A sense of fulfilment drives Wayne

One of our digital information and technology caregivers, Wayne Dyer, who works as a portfolio manager shares why he loves working with St John of God Health Care.

29 Nov 2022

How long have you worked with St John of God Health Care?
Almost 10 years.

Can you describe your role?
Within digital information and technology we have hundreds of projects that we run and they are split into different portfolios. Capital Development is an example of one, infrastructure and platforms is another, and then applications which is what I manage.

So any project that has an application focus whether it be clinical or corporate, usually ends up in my portfolio.

I work with the project managers to help them make sure the project is a success and aligns with the organisations strategic objectives.

What career development opportunities have you received?
The few weeks I was in my role, I was put onto a project management course with St John of God Health Care. There were a bunch of us on the course at the same time, which was good, and I was able to get the qualifications needed to support my job.

Since then I have done management of portfolios courses through St John of God Health Care and lots of great courses, including management of highly effective people and all sorts of negotiation and conflict management courses.

Is working with us exciting?
There are always new projects, always new applications, we have new builds going on at hospitals and as a result of that we are implementing new applications all the time. The digital health landscape is always changing and that makes it a very exciting area to work in.

What does it mean to you to work in health care?
Even though I work in digital information and technology, we all realise we are here to support the hospitals and help support the patients, and we, either indirectly or directly, help them in that process.

How would you describe your work arrangements?
At the moment it is 50/50, so 50 per cent at home and 50 per cent in the office. Unfortunately I don’t go out to the hospitals as much as I used to. Pre-COVID we did a lot more of that. But a lot of our project team still goes out to the hospitals If a project manager is going live with a project at a hospital they will go out and provide support for a week or a few days as a part of that. I think having a digital information and technology presence on site especially during application go lives is reassuring for the hospital teams.

What would you say to someone thinking of joining us?
Definitely, go for it. I work with a great bunch of people . I have met many good friends through working here – I’ve been to their weddings and gone overseas with them - so you meet some great people.

It’s a very fulfilling organisation and department to work in. I’m proud to let people know who I work for when I get asked.